The Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis program provides a unique opportunity for health professionals to learn a  diverse set of skills from multiple disciplines. This program has been developed by Population Data BC in partnership with the Division of Continuing Studies and the Department of Geography, University of Victoria. 

Program Content includes:

  • Evaluating the benefits and limitations of specific kinds of population health related data
  • Accessing administrative health data and knowing how to prepare it for data analysis
  • Developing theoretical knowledge and understanding in advanced statistical analysis of administrative health data
  • Reviewing and analysing  case scenarios involving health data analysis and related health outcomes
  • Advancing health data analyses and evaluation skills through hands on exercises, labs and/or tutorials using training data sets
  • Expanding  advanced health data analysis skills in topics specific to individual research or work environments including epidemiology, administration and geomatics

Course format includes:

  • Voiceover powerpoints
  • Videos
  • Reference documents/web-based references
  • Readings
  • Discussion forums
  • Small group work
  • Hands-on data analysis and/or project work

Training Time:

  • Each course includes 12 fully online modules
  • All courses include a one week orientation and 12 weeks of training

The flexible entry program allows you to start in any term and to take up to two courses without applying to the full program.

Program/Course Fees: 

Tuition for the full certificate program is approximately $5,000 plus associated data access fees. Course fees vary based on program or individual course enrollment status.

To learn more about this fully online specialization certificate program, upcoming courses and application details visit:

To apply to the program or register in up to two stand alone courses visit: